THE DANCE SPOT is a competition dance team training studio. All of our dance team members learn various dance technique, competition & recital routine choreography as well as acrobatic gymnastic training in their regularly scheduled weekly practices. 

Dancers are divided based on age and technical abilities. No dancer is denied an opportunity to participate on one of our competition company teams. Members must attend our spring auditions to be eligible for membership on one of our elite teams. 

Costs include monthly team membership dues, costume fees, team uniform fees, recital fees & competition entry fees. We do encourage our parents to participate in fundraiser opportunities we present to our teams throughout the year to help with reduction of costs. 

Members must be willing to attend summer camps, clinics, workshops as well as fall intensive practices to hold membership spots for their upcoming season. The official season runs September - May with the Diamond Company teams participating in Nationals usually held in July. Members must also participate in 2 dance recital showcases during the year in which they will either be filmed for virtual showcases debuting on our YouTube channel or held for a live audience in a school gym or auditorium. 

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines we will be keeping all team sizes at a minimum level to help with maintaining social distancing and practicing good health / safety measures until the Pandemic is no longer a national threat to our local communities & dancers. (No more than 4-12 member per team) Mask wearing at practices are optional & the studio will provide hand sanitizer for students to use. We encourage & ask parents to stay outside of the studio during practices to help reduce numbers of persons inside the building. We also ask that dancers who are sick with fever of any kind do not attend practice. If potentials of exposure to anyone

at the studio in contact with COVID-19 we ask they be quarantine at home

for at least 10-14 days as per the CDC guidelines. 

Team Sizes, Ages & Levels for the 2022 season include:

PEARL COMPANY (ages 3-4yr)

Beginner Level - 4 to 6 members

RUBY COMPANY (ages 4-8yr)

Beginner Level  - 6 to 12 members 

EMERALD COMPANY (ages 5-13yr)

BEG. & INT. LEVEL - 6 to 12 members

DIAMOND COMPANY (ages 8-18yr) 

Intermediate - Advanced Level - 6 to 12 members per team*

(*we currently have a Junior & Senior aged teams) 

projected costs for 2022 season

Monthly Membership Dues 


Pearl Company  (1 Hour a week Practice)

$45 a month


Ruby Company (1.5 - 2 hours a week Practice)

$55 a month


Emerald Company (3 hours a week Practice)

$65 a month 


Diamond Company (4 - 8 hours a week Practice)

$85 a month

projected plans for 2022 season

JUNE - 2022 Auditions & Parent Meetings

July - Summer Workshops & Clinics

August - Fall Intensive & Production Routine Camp

October - Worlds of Fun Event 

                  TOP Dance Directive Event 

Dec - Holiday Parade Event 

Jan - Winter Recital Showcase

Feb - Diamond & Emerald Co. Competition

March - Diamond, Emerald, Ruby & Pearl Competition

April - Cleaning Month & Spring Show Routines Taught 

May - Final Regionals for Diamond & Emerald Co.

June - Spring Recital Showcase

           2023 Auditions & Parent Meetings

July - Nationals 2022 for Diamond Co.


Check out a fun vlog of all our dancers back in the studio for their first weeks of training for the new 2021 season.

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