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2021 Dance Season is Here or Is it?

With the latest CORONAVIRUS news and COVID-19 stories of more infections on the rise in the USA. Will we get to stay open for another dance season or will be pushed back out of our dance homes again?

Only time will tell on how the world has been reacting to the Pandemic but as far as our studio is concerned; we are moving full steam ahead. NO STOPPING US NOW is kind of our motto for 2021 season. We had on our Nationals T-Shirts that Coach Courtney had made say on them "NOT EVEN A PANDEMIC STOPPED US." That is a very true statement. We still went to Nationals and we still ended our 2020 season. It wasn't what we had hoped for and we never did get to have our epic 10th Anniversay decade spring recital with Alumni coming back to celebrate with us but; it was still an end to the year.

So what happens now? Well as we finished up our Auditions for the new season - Which by the way were AWESOME! What a huge turnout! We were really anticipating a smaller group then what we had. Plus several new shinning dance faces will be joining us on both the Emerald & Diamond Company teams!

Will we have to shut down again? ONLY IF THE STATE MAKES A LAW STATING THIS WILL WE CLOSE OUR DOORS. So if your child wants to dance we will find them a team & make them a new home.


As far as our studio goes we are set up for Social Distancing by asking parents & friends that are not on the teams to stay outside during practices. We have hand sanitizer and soap for hand washing at both studios. We also ask parents to take temps of their kids at home and if they are sick JUST STAY HOME. We do not require face mask wearing during dance and actually we personally don't like them to have on during practices.

So if you want to wear a mask going in and going out of practice; GO FOR IT! - However we will not require it to participate or attend our dance studio practices.

What is another safety measure we are doing to keep our dancers safe during this Pandemic Mania? Well we have decided to cancel all WALK-IN TYPE OF CLASS INSTRUCTION. So unless you are a paying & participating member of our one of our competition teams then we don't have any other dancers coming in to potentially risk exposures of constant new dancers coming in and out of the studio. It's the same 30 plus dancers we will have at the studio that start at the begin of the season and will end the season or at least until the pandemic can allow us a more coming in and out kind of environment. So because of this plan after our Production Camps start we are no longer excepting any new memberships. The only dancers that can join after our latest auditions are the ones that Courtney has reached out too from video submissions or past / prior veteran members who had quit this last year or two.

What about for our 2021 Graduating Senior dancers?

Well this year we are proud to announce Madison Laster & Justice Houston will be leading our competition dancers through their senior year of high school. We are so proud of them and will keep moving forward as best we can to keep their studio traditions, competing dreams, performances, workshops & college recruitment programs going. Our focus is also on prepping all our dancers on how to deal with this new NORM type of dance competition life. Making sure they maintain good social distancing guidelines at competitions, bringing & wearing face masks in between their dancing on stages and of course staying home if your sick. EVEN IF THAT MEANS MISSING A COMPETITION. So yes. We want to win but our priorities have shifted after this pandemic. It's about TRAINING to your future safely. You will see as the year goes along we will change with the tide but staying steadfast to one number one focus. NEVER SHUTTING OUR STUDIO OR THESE DANCERS DREAMS DOWN EVER AGAIN. So whatever we have to do to keep those dance dreams alive - you best believe our studio staff is already prepared to make this happen.

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