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Let Go of the Past & Leap to the future...

So today marks the half-way mark of our Summer Dance Camp schedule. If your anything like I am - I get super sentimental at this time of the year. It's hard to let go of the past and move forward at times. Especially when you know with each passing year your little kids aren't little anymore. This is also the time when parents proudly post on facebook their Back To School moments which is even sadder and harder for me when I see former dancers and how much they have grown up. It's also a reminder of how dang old I am so that's not always a fun way to understand that YEA - I'M ON THE HALFWAY TAIL END OF MY OWN PERSONAL LIFE... Even though I still wish I thought my whole life was still ahead of me - It's different at this age. Now it's time for looking back, letting go of past mistakes, forgiving or never forgiving of wrongs done to you, taking check of what means most to you and leaping full force into what could be some really scary times ahead of you. Some of our Dance Spot Dancers Back 2 School Pics... I just love these kiddos and watching them grow up!

So why the sappy blog this time? Oh life has it's funny way of slapping you in the face every now and then to remind you to let go of past regrets and heartache if you want to have a better future. In all of our lives we have had a time or two where we go "Dang, wish I hadn't said this or wish I hadn't done that." If we can learn to move on from that issue and not let that pattern happen again then your well on your way to becoming a much better person in life. It's also funny that when tragedy strikes you personally the wolves come out of the woods and love to devour you in your darkest moments. This is truly why I'm thankful for such a loving and supportive dance family. Many times in our lives we talk about how our studio and dance life is our CHURCH. The place of true happiness and bliss. For the most part it's 100% true. I find a lot of joy in teaching and sharing my love of dance with these kids. I also have found such support that I have never had before I started the studio almost 10 years ago that normally would have just been strangers. I can't imagine my life without my dance family. So for that reason I do a lot of reflection of what go us to this point every new season.

I am truly excited and I know every studio owner probably says this at one point or another that "THIS SEASON WILL BE THE BEST ONE YET". However; in our case I truly believe this to be the case. Every year has been a challenging one and every season we have new obstacles to climb; but every year continues to bring me more pride and joy in the success we have built not only in the awards we bring back home to display but also in the personal individual stories that have gained so much just by coming once a week to dance and be apart of the journey with us. I can't tell you how many times I have seen an old Alumni dancer who either quit before they graduated high school that has told me dancing at The Dance Spot was one of the best times I ever had. Even in those years that were super tough. What truly remains in their heart of memories was the best moments not the worst. So that's why I look back. I rejoice in what we have provided for so many children whether it be for just a year or 10 years. They truly have understood the meaning behind #DS4L (Dance Spot 4 Life).

One of the hardest videos for me to watch is one of our first highest award winning senior Musical Theater dances. It has a lot of reasons why it's so hard for me personally is not only does it have both my Son and my daughter in the routine one of their first together but also has a former dancer that was with us for 1 year and tragically lost her life in car accident while she was at college. I also say this is hard for me to watch because it was one of our proudest moments as a dance family. The kids worked so hard to come together as a team had to battle many issues outside of the studio for example our boy dancers had to deal with the harrasment of why would you be Dancing? The girls had their own issues of personal girl problems of in studio dating between the guys and girls and let's just face it girls will be girls and when my own daughter was in the mix of girl drama it was hard for me to take my Mom hat off in those situations and not just be the coach. Finally this was the first big routines that my oldest daughter Coach Courtney had choreographed while she was also a member of the Emporia University Stingers so she had put so much blood, sweat and tears into this team we nicknamed as the years went on the "DIGITY CREW". Other dancers are now mommies and daddies; serving our country now or just living life the best way they knew how. The younger dancers who are now our Diamond Company kids used to be their babies and looked up to them with awe and constant admiration. This was the beginning of what #DS4L meant. I still keep tabs on all these dancers lives and I still reflect on this being one of our best years in studio history. But; I also remember it being one of the hardest too. However; I want to remember the greatest moments because that's what's the most meaningful me and that's how we should all look at our lives. You may have moments that are tough and situations that you think you can never get through but if it wasn't for times like this then how would you be where you are today.

I am a true believer in NO REGRETS. A great quote from one of my favorite movies is from Parent Hood (Starring Steve Martin) where he is complaining to his wife about life's problems and his grandmother gives him a theory on life. That it's like a roller-coaster many thrills, many excitements, many scares but that other's complained that they didn't like that ride of life and chose to just stay on the merry-go-round where it's safe but she said that one just goes round and round and how she liked the roller coaster life because you get more out of it. I totally agree!

Life is truly like a ROLLER COASTER and I love it! I love getting more out of it! So each and every year when a new season starts at the Dance Studio I look back and I leap toward the future. I get excited to just think about what kind of Dips, Loops and turns we will be getting out of this year of life together!

So as we embark on our last few camps to gear up for this new season or if your considering on taking on this new journey with us let us remind you of one simple fact. LIFE - DANCE SPOT LIFE - it can be messy. it can be frustrating. it can be disappointing for some but those moments are fleeting because the rewards are so much more exciting! The times when you see your dancer achieve something they have spent months on perfecting or the fact they overcame their own personal fears of just getting out in front of an audience but to remember choreography and to PERFORM WITH PRIDE! I could care less if our kids can do 5,000 amazing turns what really pumps me up is the dance who was terrified of standing in front of an audience and giving out that amazing smile or wink! That dancer that dug down deep to pull out a performance that I always knew they had in them and went over and beyond my expectations. Now of course the kids get personally let down because they hear us talking about placements and awards and goal setting so if they don't get that goal they feel like they let us down. I can't even tell you how many times I've had to remind all our dancers at one point or another - In the end I don't care what those judges think as long as you gave a performance of your life and 150% effort then you are a champion in my eyes and that's all that counts to us! So the thrill of competition isn't winning a plastic trophy that collects dust or fades over time. It's moments like the one below where we embrace each other because we know the journey that took us to get to that moment and why we stepped into that work place to get there. I love the thrill of screaming during a performance and the high we as dance coaches and even our dance moms and students get coming off the stage saying "I DID IT! DID YOU SEE THAT?" That's what is the best about competition life. That's what makes all these past 10 years the good and the bad 100% worth it all. (watch the video to the very end you don't want to miss the reaction of our big sister dancers embracing the littles after this performance at competition!) Anyone who danced this season understood the importance and heartfelt reasons behind this routine and how we taught these babies to overcome adversity not only on the competition floor but in their personal lives as well. Another worst and best moments in our studio's life.

So to wrap it up. I love looking back. I love reflecting on how we got here and where we are going. I do have regrets and I do have moments I wish for forgiveness. I have moments where I can't change the past but only wish for the future to be brighter and I will never keep reaching and dreaming for the best of the best EVERY SEASON!

Thanks to those who walked this journey with us and for those that remained for those that left their mark and for those who are about to join this crazy roller coaster Dance Spot Family Life with us! We can't wait to leap into the future and make this the best season yet!

Wishing you and yours an amazing 2019 year!

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