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Why Dance With Us?

Many people ask what makes THE DANCE SPOT so different then traditional dance studios? Well first of all we are not a dance school but a dance team! We create team memberships for the Competitive & Non-Competitive dancer. Our studio prides it's self on being "OUT OF THE BOX", by providing memberships to a team.

Other studios focus on many class options with a possibility of performing or joining an additional competition team. We take all of those class opportunities and develop them into a team membership type of program. Dancers will get a well rounded dance education divided up by ages, abilities and interest. Dancers who want to add a fun Tumbling / Acrobatic class to their team memberships can do so for an additional fee.

What also makes our studio stand out from the crowd? We offer amazing rates for all levels of dance. Our competition dancers are the lowest ever for members to enroll in the competitive world of dance without it costing an arm & a leg to do so. Our fees include choreography expenses, training & time spent practicing in the studio with our 10 year veteran dance staff members. Other studio fees can range around 40 dollars a month for just 1 hour class not too mention costs for membership on competition teams and choreography fees. We roll that all into one low price to help our families focus on the fun of dance not the stress of having to pay for it. We also make sure our costume fees stay within a low budget range that allows us for being a little more creative in designing a look that's professional but without robbing your wallet of any extra expenses. Competition fees can be pretty pricy as the year's progress so we do our best to find the least expensive events with the best opportunity for the girls' success record for your investments. We also offer plenty of chances for our parents to participate in fundraising events to help waive the costs of competition season.

Finally what truly makes our dance studio the one you want to choose is the focus on FAMILY FIRST. Our goal is to provide the highest quality training at the lowest cost with the least amount of time commitment from your everyday lives. Many of our dancers are also very highly active in outside sports, school clubs and dance / cheer teams. We want to support these families so that their children can participate in lots of well rounded activities however still give them that competitive edge to make those college dance teams. We spend years working with our dancers on their collegiate dreams and encourage our high school dancers to participate in college bound fairs, workshops, clinics and do many recruitment programs geared toward advancing your child's dance aspirations after high school. We also pride ourselves on being a family owned business so we know how important it is to work together on each team as a family. We spend a lot of time communicating with our dance families on a one on one basis making sure their children are in a positive self worth growing environment at every practice, event, performance & competition we attend. We believe in the ideals that family always comes before dance and do our best to work with families schedules and make accommodations on finding them the best team that will fit their family lifestyle and pocketbook.

Last but not least yes it's also about the REWARDS - Not AWARDS but REWARDS our dancers achieve because of being a part of our dance family. We do like to win awards and that we have done on an enormous scale - 4 times winning a National Championship titles in Solos, Duet-Trios, Small Groups & hopefully in Large Group / Productions in the future! Not too mention the countless amounts of dance scholarships our dancers have won or been offered that amount to over close to 100,000 dollars in monies to conventions, clinics, schools, conventions & colleges! So our training speaks for it self in the amount of Awards we have taken home. However the biggest REWARD our dancers have from being a member of our teams? The love. The Friendships. The Memories. The Goals Achieved. The Hardwork. The Dedication to each other and their families for sacrificing so much for their dreams. These are the accomplishments we are most proud of. The Respect the girls learn for not only themselves and each other truly shows in how they conduct themselves in all aspects of their lives. What they learn here at THE DANCE SPOT folds over into many other areas of their life and that is something we are so proud we have a small part in for each and every single child that walks through our doors. WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS AND HOPE THAT YOU WILL SEE HOW MUCH DANCE MEANS TO US AND WHAT IT CAN MEAN FOR YOUR DANCER TOO. Hope you choose to join our Dance Family; We would love to have you! Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel as you follow us in our yearly journey being dance sisters & a crazy fun DANCE FAMILY....

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