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When I opened up my Email today I never thought in a million years it would be to read the first ever Blog-Article post written about my family and our Vlogging Channel. It has gotten a recent boost from a few of our vlogs we have posted this past month and with Nationals being next week; I'm sure that's where all the buzz is coming from. Who am I kidding?! I always figured it was just our local friends and families from our Dance Spot Family who watched our Vlogs and then maybe a few outside pals in our local Dance Competition circuit.

Coach Mickey with a "Friend" of ours because of our YouTube Channel.

We have met a few "Fans" I guess you would call them by technical terms but I call them Friends! Met by chance through our YouTube Vlogging Channel. What's the one theme we have in common? DANCE. So who would have ever thought all of this would bring attention to someone like a Blogger - let alone one that has made over hundreds of blogs with a pretty big following 14k plus that's pretty crazy! (We only have 2k plus subscribed to our YouTube Channel so anyone that has over 5k or even 10k followers just blows my mind!)

Meeting our "Friends" we made because of our YouTube Channel at Competition is so amazing!

I was a little afraid to open up the link to their Blog Post and was even more surprised by the content that was included... First of all I was super flattered to even be considered by some of the other great YouTube Creators that make Dance Vlogs like our channel but even more so because the post actually talked about what I wanted most to get across in our Vlogs. Not that we are some crazy insane highly competitive advanced level dance team but that we are first and foremost and forever will be a Family!

Check out the article written by this amazing blogger and thanks so much! Heart is overflowing with pride! Thank you so much for the blog! :)

here is her article she wrote a review on our YouTube Channel check it out below

Click on the picture to the left to visit her blog page and check out some of her great & interesting travel blog series!

Dance Spot Family Vlogs Review

By: WelshWanderLust (Blog 6/25/18)

Ever since I got hooked to Lifetime’s TV Show called Dance Moms, I’ve developed a slightly unhealthy habit of watching Dance Studio and Dance Shows & Competition Vlogs on YouTube. I’m not a dancer myself (though I would really love to be!) but my 8 year old niece is starting to go to dance classes and she’s started to get pretty good! So I’ve taking an interest in these shows as I can envision her joining a proper dance studio very soon and I wonder what kind of life she will have as she grows as a dancer and starts doing dance competitions and shows.

Carrisa Campbell YouTube Channel has amazing personal & dance related vlogs!

One thing about the YouTube platform is that there are SO MANY Vlogs out there related to Dance and other topics so it can become pretty overwhelming when looking for the best one to follow. I’ve been following a few of these channels for some time such as Carrisa Campbell, Family Nest and Hayley Pham. All these channels are very good and really engaging!

Our Family Nest (1 million subscribers) Family Vlog Channel follows daughter Karli's Competition Dance Life.

However, I stumbled across another Dance related Vlog called “DANCE SPOT FAMILY VLOGS” and I got so excited about this channel, I just had to write this review! The vlog is managed by Coach Mickey and she runs a dance company called ‘Dance Spot’ along with her two daughters who are also dance coaches. Their dancers are at novice to intermediate level and compete in competitions and shows that cater for this level. The main thing that I really liked about this particular channel and that they call themselves a ‘family’ and you can genuinely see that they behave and treat each other like family. They look out for each other, they encourage and praise one another through the successes and console and support each other through the tough times.

Coach Mickey and her daughters are hilarious!

Coach Mickey often involves her adorable, cute grand-daughter Aubery who loves the limelight and is visibly comfortable around all the Dance Spot girls as if they were her own aunties or sisters so you can see the genuine love and laughter they share throughout. I really connected with this family vibe as I would like my niece to be part of a dance academy just like this one. They push each other in the right way without overwhelming or stressing out the dancers. They enjoy what they do and have fun doing it, which is so important and is lacking in some of the dance vlogs I watch. Especially the TV Show Dance Moms. As entertaining as it was, Dance Moms was all about pushing the dancers to their limit and the negativity they endured from Coach Abby Lee Miller was hard to watch at times.

Aubery is the real star of the Dance Spot Family!

Another factor that makes them stand out from the rest is that the girls who are showcased in this vlog are novices and intermediates. Most of the dance VLOGs out there are already at the advanced level. For me, when I watch Dance Spot, it feels like they’re just at the beginning of something incredible and I’m there already watching their documented journey as they grow and develop. They have won awards and positions for nearly every competition they prepare for and compete in which is well-deserved considering how hard they work. They are destined for great things and I get excited when I receive a new video notification from them as I can’t help but wonder how they’re doing and progressing. Other reasons why I choose to follow Dance Spot over the rest is that it’s simply really easy to watch! Coach Mickey is really funny and keeps her audience engaged throughout. Many vloggers doing similar things talk way too much about irrelevant things or they edit the videos too much so the finished product just looks crazy and messy and it gets quite difficult to follow.

The passion that is showcased through the videos made by Dance Spot is a breath of fresh air. You can see that they genuinely love and care for their dancers and are willing to go above and beyond to see them succeed.

Happy, positive vibes are essential for success!

However, I do feel like they are missing a few things that I thoroughly enjoy from watching the other channels that I would love to see in Dance Spot. Before I discovered Dance Spot, I was regularly watching Hayley Pham and I really enjoyed watching her vlogs as she was naturally funny, relatable and you get a backstage view of what goes on in a dancer’s life I already feel like I know the Dance Spot girls and I would love to see them take control of the camera from time and time and document their own journey through their eyes.

I think incorporating videos from Coach Mickey and the dancers themselves would provide an all round relatable channel for viewers to gain different perspectives of the dancing competition world. I would really like to see more structured videos from Dance Spot such as more ‘How to...’ videos and actual dance performances that they’ve learnt from competitions. My niece is forever copying dance routines from YouTube, especially dances that have won competitions!

I love their funny, quirky clips with all their family members that stand out from the others!

I feel that Dance Spot is completely focused on the dancers, which is what Dance Moms was lacking in their show. It got the point where the show was about the moms and not about the dancers or the performances they would work hard for. However, a couple of guest features from Dance Spot moms would make the channel more intriguing and also ties into that holistic approach to the dancing competition world and how that lifestyle is adopted by all members of the family.

In summary, the Dance Spot Family VLOG channel is exciting, passionate and family focused. The videos are always full of laughter, positivity and friendship. I really do love how Coach Mickey goes above and beyond to encourage, support and show commitment to her dancers – even going as far as contacting celebrities to give shout outs to the team right before competitions so they can feel confident, determined and ready to win! There’s always something new happening that will get you laughing, crying and completely hooked on this channel!

The girls are so close and there is no doubt that they will be sisters forever!

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