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Your a YouTuber?

What the heck? A YouTuber? What?!? I thought you were a dance studio? Why yes. We are a dance studio but we also are a family of YouTube Vloggers. I consider ourselves Content Creators or YouTubers or Influencers what ever name you want to tag us with along with being a Dance Studio.

Why would you put your life on YouTube? I dunno; WHY NOT?!? What makes our dance studio stand out from the rest? We don't have any other big collaborations or contributions to the dance world that any other studio does other than this one thing... We vlog our entire experiences!

Watch their CVXLIVE journey here:
Our Dancers (Autumn & Katie) with fellow other YouTube Teen Vloggers from the TANNERITES FAMILY & THE OHAHA ADVENTURES at last summer's CVXLive YouTube Convention in Salt Lake City Utah.

What is the passion for this? It's about capturing memories and moments in our lives and being able to look back. It's no different than having a photo album or re-watching home movies. It's a way for us to be able to save those precious moments in time and share it with our families and friends.

Plus the dancers love it! It's a great way for them to have something else they are passionate about and sharing their love of dance with the world. They also get to have the joy of sometimes letting go of the stresses of dance by doing a fun Collaboration video or Challenge video - Makes their dance life not seem so monotonous sometimes.

Check out the fun video of our dancers attending a YouTube Convention CVXLIVE where the girls got to hang with other YouTubers like these teens pictured above from TANNERITES & THE OHANA ADVENTURE.... and ELLIE & JARED and many more!

It's also such a joy to look back at our Competitions we had in the past 3 years we have been vlogging and relive some of those amazing moments! Like Wins and Tender goodbye's to seniors who were graduating to just random silly fun moments of why we love to attend dance competitions in the first place! Dance Competition world can be very cut throat and very competitive. It can turn dancer against dancer and mom against mom but it also can bring individuals together for one goal working towards it as a team and it can bring such rewards of self growth, accomplishment and pride that no one will ever gain simply by just wishing it. That's another reason that helps our dancers and their families understand the drive behind VLOGGING ... Plus those dance families that don't live around here and can come to competition with us - they get a first hand look and behind the scenes journey to what their grandkids or niece's go through during their dance competition season.

I also love that we can see how each dancer has grown over the years in their technical abilities - it's so awesome to look back at routines we forgot about and how little some of our oldest dancers were when they first started. It's cool to look back at how our studio has also grown as a dance family and for me on a personal note - I really enjoy sharing my own personal families stories online for my grandgiggle. She is such a joy in my life and being able to capture all these memories for her in her first years of life will be amazing when she's heading into her last years of dancing at the studio (AND YES! MY GRAND-DAUGHTER WILL BE DANCING THAT IS FOR SURE! SHE LOVES HER DANCE GIRLS AND SO WANTS TO BE ON THAT STAGE LIKE HER "GIRLS")

Today I was going through my facebook feed and saw someone who I don't know that well that lives in our small town that is going on what to me seems like an epic journey in their young lives. For some unknown reason call it God - Call it little voice in my head - Whatever - I felt compelled to DM this person and let them know how I had been moved by their story and encouraged them to share it with the world by becoming a vlogger on YouTube. The other thing I love about being a Vlogger is that I get to maybe in some I dunno unique and special way we can maybe INSPIRE just one other person we don't know in this world to maybe take a dance class or join a club or be a part of some kind of life epic journey or just pick up a camera and vlog too - Inspiring others is also what I love most about YOUTUBE and for me the Vlogger Families I love to watch are doing that for me on a weekly basis. I would say I watch more YouTube than I do any other type of media (TV, Movies, what have you) I LOVE WATCHING FAMILIES REAL LIFE JOURNEYS or SEEING OTHERS TAKE AMAZING TRIPS TO WALT DISNEY WORLD or VIEWING SOME OTHER AWESOME DANCERS EXPERIENCES AT COMPETITIONS.... That's what this whole sharing your life on YouTube is for me and I hope is for our dance families!

We never want to stop remembering that while we vlog our story we focus on what is most important - EACH OTHER. Coming together for one purpose and one goal. DANCE - Being a competitive dancer is so hard and can be very defeating at times but anyone who has ever danced with us and been a part of our YouTube Journey can tell you that Having captured these moments has been such a joy for them once they have either graduated or moved on in life. They love reliving our past in such a fun way! And we also love that it actually has brought us some small bit of Fans and fame. We have had some cool experiences with other dancers and their families that have came up to us at competitions telling us how they love to watch our dance vlogs and wish us so much success - THESE ARE OUR COMPETITIORS REMIND YOU... THE ONES WE ARE TRYING TO BEAT FOR THOSE TOP 10 OVERALL PLACEMENTS... That's pretty amazing that we get moments that for us small town dance studio dancers and coaches makes us feel special. That other person is following our journey with us and cheering us on and they don't even know us!

So if you watch our vlogs THANK YOU! If you haven't then go check it out! We'd love to have you join our journey and if you'd wondered about starting your own YouTube Vlogging channel - WHY HAVEN'T YOU YET!? Every person has a great story to tell and everyone loves to capture amazing moments in their lives so they have something to look back on for generations to come! And to my crazy family & dance families that let me capture our journey for the world - I'LL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR LETTING US NOT ONLY BE AN AMAZING DANCE FAMILY THAT I CHERISH BUT ALSO FOR LETTING US BECOME OUR OWN UNIQUE VLOGGING FAMILY FOR THE WORLD - FOR LETTING US BE.... YOUTUBERS! :)

Have a great week! Love you all!


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