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Dance Class Etiquette

As our dancers are preparing for the 2018 #TalentonParade Nationals held this upcoming July at the Overland Park convention center in Kansas City; the thing that they love most about this prestigious event besides the shiny trophies and honorable lineup's is the FREE master classes.

Many of our dancers can barely afford what we charge them for their dance training let alone put out any extra expenses for events like Workshops, Clinics or Master Classes. So when TOP created the opportunity for our dancers to jump in on FREE classes they were the first ones there!

So what are some of the things we have taught our dancers that you can implement in your own dancer or studio on what is considered proper and appropriate Dance Class Etiquette? Here are just a few we train our kids on:

1. WEAR PROPER ATTIRE - Please be sure your dressed ready to dance for whatever type of class it is. You don't have to look like your attending a Music Video Shoot but you also don't want to be looking like you just got done playing in a mud volleyball tournament. Hair should be cleanly off of face so it's not distracting during class time and wear clothes that help to make you stand out in class but is danceable - For example don't be wearing something that your afraid certain body parts might be POPPING out to say hello the next time you reach your arms up in the air - Wear clothes that are stylish, fun bright colored but also DANCEABLE! (I'm not even sure that's a word but that's what I use with our kids) Also don't be a fool and bring tap shoes to a hip hop class and vice a versa. Remember to always carry your dance bag with you with shoes of all types just in case of reasons!

2. ARRIVE EARLY!!! - Nothing irritates any teacher more (especially a professional masters teacher) then having students come in after the class was expected to start. So be at least 15 minutes early to any class time that is scheduled that way your ready to go and start stretching the minute you get there!

3. BE RESPECTFUL & POLITE - There is nothing wrong with asking questions if your lost in dance class or seeking out extra help. However; please remember to use the Golden Rules of Please, Thank You & Yes Ma'm & No Sir when speaking with your instructors. We teach our dancers that they must applaud every dancer who re-preforms and every time the teacher teaches a new combo that is exciting and entertaining deserves your highest admiration. Plus it shows enthusiasm and engagement. (of course this doesn't always work in a Ballet Class format as those are much more FORMAL atmospheres but I have seen it happen before so it's not totally out of the question) Just make sure it's done sincerely and honestly. Also any other dancers that are in the classroom remember their artists just like you and if your at TOP Nationals taking advantage of the FREE classes that's the one place you don't have to have your COMPETITION face on. Get to know your neighbors your dancing next too; you never know when you might run into each other again and it's always fun to make friends with dancers when you walk into a classroom and see a familiar face!

4. THANK YOUR TEACHER AT END OF YOUR CLASS - No teacher loves the admiration and respect more from a student that works hard during class then the one who goes out of their way to give them an extra special THANK YOU at the end of class. Not only does this teacher remember you for your kindness it just shows what respect you have for that teacher taking their time to come in and give you an hour of showing them what they have mastered during their years of training.

5. NEVER MARK IN CLASS! - When taking a masters dance class why would ever Mark something? This is the one time you as a dancer get to learn from someone who has worked professionally in the industry so why would you ever disrespect yourself or that teacher's knowledge by MARKING? I hate marking anyway so much that I barely allow it in our regular practice times anyway - FULL OUT or GET OUT is my philosophy!

Hope these tips were helpful and don't forget DO NOT BRING IN A MEAL TO EAT IN YOUR CLASSES - water or sports drinks are fine to have in a class room but it's not lunch time so don't be chewing on some subway with mustard hanging on your lip - it's gross looking and honestly shows that you weren't prepared to grab a meal before you SQUEEZED in their class - So again - COME EARLY - EAT BEFORE NOT DURING - LOOK READY FOR CLASS - BE POLITE - DANCE FULL OUT AND AT THE END OF CLASS SAY THANK YOU. Follow those basic guidelines and you will be sure to gain much more than a cool combo to take home with you!

****** check out this awesome video we uploaded from last year at Nationals where our dancers took advantage of the FREE master classes offered at the event*****

Best of luck and see you in class!

Love - Coach Mickey

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